Comfort cooling, re-imagined

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We’ve produced a mini white paper exploring wellness and the future of working:

Ultimate comfort

Exceptional performance

Easy installation

The award-winning  Artus™ solves the biggest complaints
in comfort cooling:

Energy efficiency, draughts and dead spots, noise, space claim of secondary ductwork, unit footprint, cluttered ceiling voids, and restrictive access for maintenance and installation.

Artus out-performs traditional Fan Coil Units, and saves space, money and time. 

Ultimate Comfort

The swirl air distribution pattern provides even heating and cooling and excellent thermal comfort. Alongside this, Artus has fully integrated controls, including fan speed, heating & cooling, and a BMS with multiple control options allowing zone control for any space.

The unit is also low noise: Instead of multiple possible noise sources which depend on site installation quality, Artus has a single, factory tested, noise source.

Exceptional Performance

Raising  the bar on energy performance, Artus supplies the same cooling load with dramatically lower energy consumption than alternative system:

 It uses just 1/3rd of the specific fan power of a typical Fan Coil Unit, complies to Part L building regulations and can contribute up to 3 BREEAM points in some cases. 

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Artus is a Plug and Play solution, which significantly reduces the number of suppliers involved in a typical installation. 

The self-access via front face to the filters, BMS controller, fan speed, control valves, condensate pump, drip tray makes the unit extremely easy to maintain, and removes the need for crawl space in the ceiling void. 

Artus heating and cooling unit, award winning

Significant Savings

Energy saving
With a fan power of 0.08 watts / litre / second, it uses one third of the energy consumption of a comparable ‘best in class’ fan coil unit.

Money saving
As a fully packaged system, there is no cost increase compared with a standard ac system. Artus is more affordable than a standard FCU, once diffusers, secondary ductwork, BMS controller, controls valves, and pipework are considered.

Space saving
At 572mm (W) x 572mm (L) x 200mm (D), Artus is 43% more compact than conventional FCUs. This provides a smaller, clearer service zone, saving 300mm on the height of each storey.

Design Thinking

Perfect air distribution
Artus delivers air in a swirl pattern, without the use of guide vanes creating a draught free environment, resulting in excellent thermal coverage in both cooling and heating modes, maximising comfort levels.

Function and form
Artus has clean, design-led aesthetics. The perforated bottom fascia of the unit is available in multiple designs providing virtually invisible, seamless integration into ceiling designs.

Hassle free maintenance
Artus represents a dream for facility managers, architects and interior designers. All component access is provided from below the unit via a drop-down fan plate.
Artus in a residential setting

Discover Comfort Cooling that Performs

For a next-generation fan coil unit that combines performance, comfort, flexibility and beautiful design, get in touch:

Artus™ is designed and developed by Airedale in partnership with Arup. Made in Britain.